Fantastic BLERDS and where to find them

I am a fiction writer exploring the Hero’s journey through afrofuturism and ancient Africa’s lens. This blog is a personal journal to share my short stories and unexpected journey. I intend to create and develop as many meaningful characters as possible and explore space and time via a different perspective.It’s also a space for self-help article and the pursuit of excellence through the lense of different cultures. I invite you to join me on my journey to find these fantastic blerdy heroes and sheroes, and the values they defend. These shorts, prologue, pitch, etc. will be an opportunity to test the water and interact with you. Your favorite contents will be developed into full books, comics, and more.


TELEPATHOS, a short blerd story.

“He broke up with you telepathically? What a jerk! I knew something was off with that guy when you told me he hacked your dream once,”  Michelle said over the phone. She was nineteen years old and talking to her cousin in Atlanta.

“I Know! I am a telepath but I did not see that coming at all, I thought we were meant to be together… I was wrong.” Kerrha sighed, tears on her voice.

“Awww…I’m sorry girl…but what happened?” Michelle asked.

Kerrha sat down for meditation in full lotus position,her legs and both feet resting on top of her opposite thighs. She telepathically transmitted her memory to her cousin in Brooklin. Michelle wasn’t a telepath, yet Kerrha had the ability to psychically share her own reality.  In trance, Michelle’s consciousness adopted Kerrha’s vision; Michelle was going through the same experience and feeling the same emotions when the break up happened…

One hour earlier, it’s 11:00 PM.  nineteen years old Kerrha is sleeping in a foetal position and hear a voice in her head.

“Kerrha! Kerrha! We need to talk please, it’s me Caleb!”

“Cal! Bae! Not today I’m tired, I’ve studied the whole day,” she said telepathically while frowning and moving leftward to sleep on the colder side of the bed.

“ We need to talk, I’m serious!”

“ Kay bae, what’s up?” she said yawning and sitting on her bed.

“I don’t know!”

“You wake me up in the middle of the night and don’t know why? Bae, what’s up? Talk to me…” she said intrigued.

“It’s complicated Kerrah, but I feel like we aren’t going anywhere. We aren’t connected as we used to be. I can feel you fading away from my heart as if we weren’t one anymore.” Caleb said.

“ How can you say that? You base your opinion on your telepathic powers while my actions show you the opposite,” Kerrha said. Gradually, she couldn’t keep the conversation in her head and started talking out loud. “Those powers we have don’t make us gods or goddess who thoroughly read and understand people’s heart. No matter how powerful you are, you would never read my heart like your Manga. Actually that’s exactly what you do, you read my mind backward Cal, go from left to right instead, from your left brain to your right brain. Be logical first before going emotional.”

“That’s what I’m talking about, always lecturing me as if I was a kid. You don’t respect my hobbies and always try to make me fit in with your world to impress your friends. You don’t really want me to be me.”

“You’re crazy! I’ve always done everything in my power to help you. Who…who synced with your brain to ace that chemistry test? Who sent Alpha positive vibes in…in your brain when your were morning your mother and Tatiana died last year? Sorry… I…I  shouldn’t have brought that up,” she faltered.

“Maybe we are just too different, That’s it.” Caleb said

“Maybe you are just trying to ruin everything because you wanna look away,” Kerrha said.

“You know it’s not true, you can read my mind.”

“I feel like I have never truly known who you are. Maybe it’s because I am not her.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You know!”

Michelle’s brain immediately received Kira’s flashback. Last year, Kerrah was in a SUV with Caleb’s mother and Tatiana, his girlfriend. Tatiana had a telepathic argument with her father while driving under a torrential rain. She was so emotionally invested in that conversation that she lost her ability to foresee a clear present danger; THE SUV got violently hit by a truck. Tatiana died on the spot alongside Caleb’s mother; only Kerrha survived but she was seriously injured. She did not have any powers prior the accident, yet the heart transplantation (whose donor was Tatiana) not only unleashed her new abilities but also her feelings toward Caleb. Nobody knew that powers were transferable nor that the intrinsic cardiac nervous system carried feelings, memories, and powers.

“The truth is Tatiana was the donor for my heart transplantation. I never told you but I think you deserve the truth now. My feelings are probably not mine and I’m super confused at this moment. I think we might be better apart to figure out who we really are Cal…”

The mental connection between Michelle and Kerrha aborted; Kerrha’s mind was too emotionally affected to extend that long distance telepathic conversation. Kerrha and Michelle picked their phone and said:

“That’s where we just split up, I don’t know what to do?” Kerrha said. Michelle was in tears as she felt the unbearable pain in her own soul.

“…both of you need to figure out where to go from here…Go talk to him face to face tomorrow…”



A few days are left before February 2017 comes to an end, the hashtag blackhistorymonth will disappear like a shining city on a rearview. Other will argue that it’s never about a month but a daily positive attitude of hard work to make every days of the week, every month of the years count. They are right. However, some of us just reprove that celebration for arguable reasons.

Black history month must be about filling a financial and historical void. Waltmart, Macy’s, and Targets for example do not complain about Christmas, Halloween, black Friday, or Valentine’s day. Those companies make millions of dollars during one of those days alone and probably wish those celebrations were extended. On the other hand, here there is 28 days, where the focus is on black history in businesses and their products and some people are not taking advantage to sell more, to use the hashtag as a marketing tool to expand their brands, sell books, create trendy content…

What we call economic segregation others call it a niche. If an entrepreneur launches an app that get random people (a la Uber) to braid people’s hair, it’s obvious that this market is a niche, but it can also be indexed as a segregated business, depend who you ask. However, the word niche is the most qualified here as braiding hair is a particular skill.

Again, think about Halloween and black history month, the words niche and segregated economy, and you will see two different mindset. One his offensive and the other is complaining.

Like Halloween, why is black history month not an opportunity where parents will dress their kids only in African style outfit and buy more products designed and created in the African American or African community? So it’s fine to dress up kids for Halloween for one day but not for supporting an economic behavior that could boost many entrepreneurs and make the community financially better off?

Black history year yes, but look at Walmart and Halloween, in just one day they end up making millions. Since African American buying power has reached the trillions of Dollars, it is more than a Walmart (215.7 billion in 2016 according to Forbes) in its own right. The key word here? Organization.

Build or perish is the new law of evolution! the new survival of the fittest.




Hustle for your castle


Anciant Castle of Gondar in Ethiopia

Social media are populated with various groups of individuals that have decided to challenge assumptions and question everything about the world we live in. History, religion, economic model, and so forth. Among melaninated people has risen the conscious movement with a fond regard toward the past to build a better future (hopefully). People have labelled themselves kings and queens to resuscitate an ancient history. As much as self-esteem is a core foundation on which every individual must build a better personality, there is something else that made human being special in prehistory. There is something that separate the doers and the dreamers: it’s building.

Humans are makers. In the savannah of Africa where humanity started, the first tools were invented there. It’s in D.R. Congo that the oldest  harpoon in world history was found.  It’s again in D.R. Congo again that one of the oldest mathematical artefact(25,000  years old), the Ishango bone, was found. The oldest of these mathematical bones(40,000 years old), however, were found in Swaziland (South Africa). The mathematical concepts found on these artefacts prove that these first human beings were intelligent and already laid the foundation of astronomy. We are makers.

What are you building today? Where is your castle? As you have come to discover, this blog is not about feel good history. The purpose is to learn from history key moments and implement strategic solutions or intelligent boss move to impact the future. Ramses II IS DEAD, he will never come back, yet his strategic ideas are still taught in military school. How many people can mention the strategies of Thutmose 3, Hannibal, or Ramses 2 used? How many of these strategies are still relevant in today’s world and businesses? Again, it’s not about feel good history or style over substance. It’s about building something for the future. Hustle for your castle.

The first castle ever built was the African fortress of Buhen in ancient Egypt, the design was later brought in the middle east and then transferred in Europe. Lawrence of Arabia challenged this theory but since the Greeks and the Romans were in Egypt, they could have brought the design of Buhen back in Europe before the crusades. Many other castles or Fortress are still visible in Africa, a quick search on google will display these magnificent architectures build by Africans in Zimbabwe, Mali, Ethiopia, and east Africa. This is the past, a world heritage. What about the present?

More and more people pretend to be kings and queens but where are their castle? Where are their side hustle? Are they cashing on their passion? Everybody needs a side hustle, a personal business after 9 to 5 or on week ends. The economy is changing every day and the world is becoming more and more uncertain. Outsourcing menace more jobs around the world but it has also become a tremendous opportunity to work remotely and get more things done. Author Tim Ferris is a reference in that area. The internet open fantastic opportunities for sales and cooperation. Your computer, even your phone has become your new castle…you don’t need a physical store to sell your stuffs anymore…like money you can be either ruled by technology or impose your rules to make money out of it and rule the world via the internet.










Isaiah 37:9

The Assyrian Army Leaves Jerusalem.
8 The commander heard that the king of Assyria had left Lachish. He found him at Libnah, fighting against that city. 9 Then the king of Assyria got a report that said, “King Tirhakah[a] of Ethiopia is coming to fight you.”


” I, Pharaoh Taharka, diversified Egypt’s source of income. At war with the Assyrians, we did not have access to the red sea and some important mines that used to belong to Egypt. Therefore, we had to send several expeditions further away to find those crucial ressources. I personally reached spain where a cartouche with my name was found. The Egyptian empire during the reign of the 25th dynasty streched from Sudan to the middle east and further away to the west of North Africa. We deversified so that we would not depend on just one source .
Don’t depend on one source of income, deversify. Focus on your main job but find a side hustle. Go the extra mile. Put the hours to develop another profitable source of income. Cash in on your passion to be as great as I was.”

Pharaoh Taharka.

Tool to create a side hustle:

Leadership story: Thutmose III


FACT: His mother was a Nubian Queen.

PRACTICAL TACTICS AND WISDOM FOR LIFE: ” I, King Thutmose III wasn’t always self confident. I was a five feet three prince and was not as tall as the majority of my predecessors. Besides, my stepmother, Queen Hatshepsut usurped the crown that belonged to me so I was pushed away of my destiny. Instead of Complaining and making excuses on what I didn’t have or lost, I joined the military to become better, faster, stronger, and more tactical in my approach to solve problems. I learned self discipline and patience so that I would strike in a timely manner to get back what I was dispossessed. My small size turned to be a huge advantage. Most of the soldiers were tall, so they never see me coming. I always defeated my opponents from their weakest point below-their feet. I was unseizable. I learned to always turn a disadvantage into an advantage. Using the same wisdom, I took over a city in the middle east after deceiving them that we surrenred the battle and were ready to give them gifts to mark our abdiction. In fact, my troops were hidden inside the baskets containing the so called gifts. Brought inside the city, they then took over the city exactly like the Trojan horse centuries later…
In time, after 20 long years of preparation, I took over the crown of Egypt and became the undisputed King and the commander in chief who never lost a single battle in the field.

Never make excuses, turn your failure into wisdoms, train yourself to become better, faster, and more tactical.”

King Thutmose III

Photo source: Achievers! Photo credits James C. Lewis of Noire3000 | N3K